Excursions for students in short-term study abroad programs (November 18th, 2022, December 13th, 2022, December 15th, 2022)

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 The IAfP program organized excursions as part of the “AY2022 IAfP Short-Term Exchange Program at Kyoto University” for a total of 13 invited students from Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, and Madagascar.

 On November 18th, 2022, they visited the Kyoto City Zoo, the Lake Biwa Canal Museum (琵琶湖疏水記念館), and the Keage Incline (蹴上インクライン). At the Kyoto City Zoo, Assistant Professor Miho Saito, who belongs to the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) of Kyoto University and has experience as a research promoter at “the Kyoto City Zoo’s Center for Creatures, Learning and Research,” gave a lecture on ecology and the research methods while observing various animals. During the tour of the Lake Biwa Canal Museum and the Keage Incline, Hidenori Harada, an ASAFAS associate professor and sanitation researcher, explained the history of Kyoto city’s hydrosphere project and the various facilities, including the power plant and waterways.

Group photo at the main gate of Kyoto City Zoo
Visit Kyoto City Zoo

 On December 13th, 2022, the students visited the Yodogawa Plant of Daikin Industries, Ltd. and the Osaka Plant of Saraya Co., Ltd. At Daikin Industries, the group received an explanation of the company’s business development in Africa and its industry-academia collaboration with Kyoto University, followed by a tour of the development and research facilities at the Yodogawa Plant. At Saraya Co., Ltd., after an explanation of the company’s business development in Africa and in sanitation and health foods, the students toured a detergent manufacturing site and a health food research facility.

Visiting Daikin Industries Yodogawa Plant
Visiting the Osaka Plant of Saraya Co. Ltd.

 On December 15th, 2022, the students visited a certified non-profit organization (NPO) “Terra Renaissance.” After a briefing in a lecture room at Campus Plaza Kyoto on the organization’s peace-building projects such as landmine clearance, the students visited the organization’s office. At the office, each staff member gave a presentation on their projects in Africa and the management of the NPO.

Explanation of NPO Terra Renaissance’s activities
at Campus Plaza Kyoto
Visiting the office of NPO Terra Renaissance