Short-term exchange programs

  • Intended for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students from participating universities
  • Overview: Programs of approximately three months duration were held at Kyoto University. The programs comprised two courses (a total of four credits), which were officially approved by the master’s programs held at the participating graduate schools as well as the field work and internship programs. Students can earn credits by completing equivalent programs at the respective participating universities in Africa.

Long-term exchange programs

  • Intended for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students from participating universities
  • Overview: Six months or longer duration courses were selected from the humanities and social sciences (area studies, education, and literature), agriculture sciences, energy research, or environmental studies to formulate these exchange programs. As a student of a long-term exchange program, a Japanese student would be registered as a non-degree student or a research student at an African university, and the earned credits for the designated subjects would be transferred to his/her home university in Japan.

Short-term internship programs

  • Intended for bachelor’s and master’s students
  • Overview: Internship programs with on-the-job training at private companies, NPOs, international organizations, etc. will be held. Students will attend a 2-to-3-week training course at one of the participating African universities and would have first-hand experiences of the social conditions of the country by having participatory engagements with relevant organizations in order to develop the necessary capacities to identify problems and find solutions independently. Master’s students gain multiple perspectives while learning specialized knowledges by working on the ground of development in Africa. At Kyoto University (under certain conditions), students can earn two credits for African Area Studies On-site Seminars I and II.

Joint Supervising programs

  • Intended for doctoral students registered at a participating university
  • Overview: A joint supervising program will be held for graduate students who are already in the doctoral program of a participating university in Japan or Africa. The program will be organized by groups of teachers from both the sides. It is an opportunity to promote exchanges among faculties and push forward a preparatory activity for implementing double-degree programs under long-term study programs in each field soon. To ensure the quality of education and instruction, we will introduce triangulation in the fields of education, research, and guidance. This will be done in conjunction with joint conferences and via collaborations with the partner universities in Europe and the US.