Student Exchange Program: A Innovative Africa: Educational Networking Programs for Human Resource Development in Africa’s SDGs

Summary of Inter-University Exchange Projects

The purpose of the projects is to provide interdisciplinary curricula and create an academic and social platform where Japanese and African students can acquire training and come up with social innovations via fieldwork in Africa and internships in Japan and Africa.

Summary of the Exchange program

  1. Joint conferences for students and junior faculty in collaboration with the partners in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  2. Short-term internship programs primarily for bachelor’s and master’s degree students
  3. Bilateral short-term programs for students
  4. Bilateral long-term exchange programs for students
  5. Joint supervision programs for doctoral students

Global human resource on the project

As a part of the SDGs, in order to achieve high quality growth that is inclusive of people and overcomes crises and disasters, this program aims to foster “trans-disciplinary” human resources who are familiar with the uniqueness and local knowledge of African communities and can drive the realization of technological and social innovation, thereby transcending the boundaries between humanities and sciences, and between researchers and practitioners.

Feature of the project

Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, which have an excellent track record for education and research in Africa, will implement an international education program in cooperation with 14 partner universities in Africa, with particular focus on three of the 14 partner universities.

Partner Universities in Africa

Student Exchange Agreements

Kyoto University has agreements with many African universities.

Project Reports

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Achievements by Students

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